About CodeEd

  • “I used to want to be a marine biologist or run a dog hotel .. Now I know that girls can do anything a guy can do, and I want a job in technology.”
    CodeEd Student Taiya Edwards, Age 12 Forbes Magazine
  • Who are we?
  • CodeEd is a non-profit that teaches computer science to girls in underserved communities, starting in middle school.
  • Started in 2010, we train volunteer teachers with technical backgrounds, provide them with curriculum, support and computers, and match them with our education partners.
  • Why are we teaching underserved girls how to code?
  • Only 18% of computer science majors in 2008 were women. That number has declined by over 50% in the past 20 years, and in 2008, only 7% of middle school girls thought that computer engineering would be a desirable career. For low income students, the numbers even more discouraging. Just 30 in every 10,000 low-income 9th grade students go on to earn a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field, and only one of those students will start graduate school in a STEM field immediately after graduation. Meanwhile, K-12 computer science education offerings decreased 35% from 2005 to 2009.
  • These trends are especially concerning in light of the opportunities available to those with a computer science education. Computer science occupations are projected to account for nearly two-thirds of all job growth between now and 2020. As Marc Andreesen would say, software is eating the world.
  • Given the unique opportunities available to those who know how to program, we see it as crucially important for a just society to give underserved women the opportunity to participate in the transforming economy.
  • Where are we teaching?
  • We currently run classes and workshops in San Francisco and New York. All of our curriculum is project based, and we encourage peer to peer learning and collaboration. We aim to provide a fun, safe space for young girls to learn computer science.

Our curriculum and course material is made available for free under a Creative Commons Attribution license.